Sunday, May 11, 2008

Leroy Jenkins

Founded in 2005
Ron Upperman and Upendo Taylor
*From Start-Leroy Jenkins have had a big impact and clearly set themselves apart with their style
Known For Crazy Hoodie Color Ways and Patterns
-Inspired Others To Take The Same Direction

Leroy Jenkins clothing is available both in the U.S. and internationally at fine retail boutiques

Lemar and Dauley

Established in late 2003
Founding members: Kareem Blair, Brian Bachelor, and Daniel Pierre
-visually pushed the envelope of graphic design and brand extension into various outlets through marketing and strategic advances

Unique Design-Brand Standout
Colorful--teal is trademark
*Step closer to established there selves as a brand not just being labeled “street wear"
*In each collection that Lemar and Dauley puts out the use of color and palettes to re-illustrate the past contribute the uniqueness to it.

-DC Shoes

For Us By Us

Acronym "For Us By Us"

FUBU was started to compete with companies such as Nike and for the local youth of Queens

Team FUBU felt like Nike was profiting from New York street fashion without giving back to the community

FUBU is not just exclusive to African-Americans their clothes are worn by many people of other backgrounds
Platinum FUBU, FUBU footwear for men and women, active wear, swimwear, watches, FUBU suits, and FUBU tuxedos


Founded 1992 by Daymond John
*Started selling hats out of his house in Queens, New York

Transformed His House
-Half Factory-Half Living Space

-Daymond John (CEO)
-Carl Brown (Co-founder/Pres. FB Entertainment)
-Keith Perrin (Co-founder/Vice Pres. FB Entertainment)
-J. Alexander Martin (Vice President)
Grossed over $350 million dollars in annual worldwide billings
-Not prominent U.S.
-Major Competitive Brand Internationally

Awards and Honors
-two Congressional Awards
-two NAACP awards
-Pratt Institute Award
-Christopher Wallace Award
-Citation of Honor from the Queens Borough President

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"If I Were King"

Five years after his last appearance at New York Fashion week, Diddy seeks to show a cutting edge and racially conscious collection from his Sean John line.

*Documentary about his lines success

Diddy "Future of Fashoin"

Products Inspired by Diddy's Image and Personal Style

-Wants Line To Expand
"We are not in the clothing business for a quick hit. We are truly committed to the expansion and growth of the men’s marketplace and will use all of our resources to ensure that quality in both design and production of Sean John exceeds your expectation" Sean Diddy Combs
First Year of Sean John: Nominated for CFDA Perry Ellis Award for menswear

2004: CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year
Equivalent to an Oscar

Sean John

Created by Sean Combs aka P. Diddy 1998

*Street-smart solution to urban style but has grown to include pricey designer apparel like suits and lots of fur.

*Fill the void for well-made clothing that reflected urban style but was also sophisticated.

Urban Label to International Brand
Collection Includes:
Sean John
Bad Boy Sportswear
Sean John Tailored
Sean John accessories

Russell and Kimora Simmons

Russell Simmons
Born October 4, 1957 In Queens, New York

-Entrepreneur and Record Producer
Def Jam
Phat Pharm "Pretty Hot And Tempting"
-Sold to Kellwood $140 Mill.
Delivers a message that breaks stereotypes and ethnic boundaries, setting a new standard in sportswear
*Fourth richest hip hop entrepreneur with a net worth of $340 million

Kimora Lee Simmons
Born May 4, 1975
Half Japanese Half African American
-Inspired by Josephine Baker

-Model and Creative Director Phat Fashions
-Fashion Icon for women
Baby Phat
Released 3 Perfumes: Goddess, Golden Goddess, Baby Phat Fabulosity

Friday, May 9, 2008

Patrick Kelly "Unfinished Business"

Career Ended Soon After He Became Famous

Died January 1, 1990
*AIDS-like several other prominent figures in the fashion industry during the 80's
*Sudden Death Left Plenty Of Unfinished Business
-Negotiating licenses for his designs for furs, sunglasses, and jewelry.
-Even Autobiographical Movie.

Patrick Kelly left his mark on the fashion world

Black Baby Doll Face Pins

His Art Generated Controversy
*Brought Racial Stereotyping to forefront
*Thought to be offensive
*More Popular in Europe
-Americans afraid image would be misinterpreted

Interview-Essence Magazine
"Recently somebody Black told me they were harassed about wearing the Black baby-doll pin. And I thought, you can wear a machine gun or a camouflage war outfit and people think it’s so chic, but you put a little Black baby pin on and people attack you."

*Gave Away 1000pins a month

Fun Fashion Style With A Southern Touch


Time Magazine "fitted, funny, and a little goofy"
*Affordable while glamorous
Fun, Colorful, Exotic
*Large Colorful Buttons
*Colorful Bows

Southern Flavor In his designs
-Mississippi Childhood, fascination with antique clothes
-Proud of his heritage as an African American child in Mississippi
-Kelly changed everyone’s way of thinking by creating some of the most brilliant fashion designs ever seen
-Mix between southern heritage and new age style in Paris

Carefree Self Image
-Oversized Denim Overalls
-Skateboard and Baseball Cap
-Fashion Shows: Spray Paint backdrop

Also Skilled Businessman and a skilled Marketer

Patrick Kelly Paris


Patrick Kelly Paris
Joined forces with photographer Bjorn Amelan.

*Reputation as a designer established
*First American Designer To Be Elected Into Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne
-Group of most famous Paris designers

*Signed $5 Mill. Contract with Warnaco
*Soon Making Over 7 Million A YEAR!!

Kelly In The Fashion Captials

American Fashion Capital (New York)
*Parsons School of Design--prestigious
*Not successful in NY
-struggled financially
-sold dresses to models

Convinced again to move to Paris

World Fashion Captial (Paris)
-Great Success
-Worked as a costumer for a night club Le Palais
-Sold dresses on the street

*Hired by Victorie--showroom and workshop
Designs were in high demand!!

Escape From The South

Left Jackson State
-Escape Racial Tension
-Pursue Career in Fashion Industry

Moved To Atlanta
*AMVETS- Sorted Clothes
-Redesign Clothes and Sell

*Set up his own Vintage Clothing Store
*Instructor at Barbizon Modeling School

Convinced by Patrick Cleveland To Move to New York
-Get noticed in fashion industry

Patrick Kelly "Career At An Early Age"

*Born In Vicksburg, Mississippi Sep. 24--Kept Year A Secret

*Creativity and Fashion Sense of Female Relatives
*No African American Women in magazines

*Taught himself to sew and design
-Party dresses for girls in the neighborhood

Jackson State--Art History and African American History
Parsons School of Design

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Willi Smith "The End"


Died Unexpectedly at age 39

Reason: Pneumonia due to AIDS

-WilliWear Remained Until 1990 under John Bartlett
-Opened Store 1988 Fifth Ave., NY

Willi Smith "Awards and Reputation"

WilliWear--500+ Department Stores

*Designed Mary Jane Watsons Wedding Dress (Spider Man Comic)

*Wardrobe for Spike Lee's film SCHOOL DAZE

1983-Coty American Fashion Critics' Award
1985- Cutty Sark Award
2000-2002- Honored with a bronze plaque for Fashion Walk of Fame

WilliWear "The Style"

"Street Couture"
Influenced Today's Hip Hop Style

*Exuberant and Youthful
*Spirited and Trendy

*First to mix and match plaids and stripes and colors

*Graffiti Style Print

*Unusual colors, including jade, green, and coral along with simple, relaxed, oversized creations were his signature

*Natural Fabrics

*Metallic Fabrics

Clothes For The People

"I don't design clothes for the Queen, but for the people who wave at her as she goes by."--Willie Smith

*Wanted Clothes to be affordable for the common person.

*Took the business of having fun very seriously and it showed in his clothes.

*Aware of what was being worn on the streets.


"Being black has a lot to do with my being a good designer. My eye will go quicker to what a pimp is wearing than to someone in a gray suit and tie." Willie Smith

"For real People in real situations in real places" Willie Smith

Marketing WilliWear


*Made Most Out of Limited Resources

*Couldn't Afford A Run Way
*Posed Models in WilliWear showroom

*The use of video as a means of presenting fashion collections


--Eclectic and Inventive designs attracted buyers and customers

WilliWear "The Start"


1976--Company Started with partner Laurie Mallet (Digits)

Clientile: Common Person to the Wealthy and Prominent.

Aim: To design clothing that was stylish yet affordable.

*Favored Natural Fabrics---Practical for average consumer
Trips to India

“Models pose in clothes, People live in them”

First Collection
*12 Piece
*Hallmark of Willie Smith Designs
--natural fabrics,
--relaxed, comfortable fit,
--colorful and eye-catching material
--reasonable price tag

Willie Smith--"The Beginning"

*Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania February 29 1948

*Mastbaum Technical High School---Commerical Art
*Philadelphia College of Art---Fashion Illustration
*Parsons School of Design, New York--Earned Two Scholarships

*Parents- Willie Lee Smith and June Smith
*Sister- Touki Smith
*Grandma- Gladys Bush
--All dressed fashionably despite limited budget

*Most successful black designer in fashion history
*WilliWear Ltd. Sold $25 million worth of clothing a year
*Industry’s most successful young designer
*Hip-Hop style is almost identical to his designs

Paving The Way

These Two Designers Paved The Way And Inspired Todays African-American Designers:
*Willi Smith

*Patrick Kelly


*Today many black fashion designers try to ride to the storm of today’s challenging fashion market.

*Amid the growing demand for a sense of ‘African-American Style’ these designers and entrepreneurs are filling that void with their labels

*Stereotype: "Only Sell To Black Consumers"
-Marketable to all people

*Black Designers and Entrepreneurs Influence: